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Geophysical dynamic of the environment

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This research group works on the geophysical dynamic of the environment. Both climatic and anthropogenic drivers are considered. Though physical processes are central in our research programs, the social dimension is also the focus of our works notably through the vulnerability of the societies to natural hazards or through the exploitation and management of the environment.
Research programs are conducted worldwide (France and Europe but also Indonesia, Bolivia, Russia, Caribbean, West Africa, Greenland, Antarctica, Andes, Himalaya …) and on very diverse environments (littoral, fluvial, volcanic, mountainous, insular …) and climates (Mediterranean, tropical, cold, arid, temperate …).
Most research programs are based on fieldwork and rely on a large spectra of methodologies and tools: GPR and tomography, topographical survey, sedimentology (ien the field and in the lab), geochemistry ien the field and in the lab), photogrammetry from UAV, RFID sediment tracking, hydrologic and weather measurements, etc. Research methods used in social science are also often used with local populations and practitioners of the environments.

Research programs of the team :

Samalas Astarte Sedimer