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Geochemistry and Sedimentology

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Platform Lab Manager: Fatima Mokadem
Members: Fatima Mokadem, Ségolène Saulnier Copard

Aim: Characterization and understanding of how natural environments are operating in geomorphology, hydrogeomorphology, geoarchaeology and environment, as well as human-environment interactions of ancient and modern societies through a multi-proxy analytical approach in geochemistry and sedimentology

Geochemistry labs manager -> Fatima Mokadem
Techniques: Chemistry, isotopic and mineral analyses of rocks, sediments and waters


  • Sampling and samples preparation
  • isotopic geochemistry analysis by 10 Be
  • CN Element analyses
  • Loss on Ignition
  • pXRF analysis
  • X-ray diffractometer
  • Data analysis and results interpretation


CHNS Flash 2000 Thermoscientific
P_XRF (Niton XL3t)
DRX (Miniflex 600-Rigaku)

Additionnels :

  • Muffle furnace (Thermolyne, modèles 48000 et 47900)
  • Frantz magnetic separator
  • Isotopic geochemistry laboratory

Sedimentology labs manager->Ségolène Saulnier Copard
Techniques: Mineralogical and various particle size analyses of sediments

Sampling and samples preparation
Particle size analyser
Calcimeter Bernard method
Magnetic susceptibility
Bio-indicators (phytolyths and fire signature)
Mineralogical observation
Data analysis and results interpretation


Particle size Analyzer laser Beckmann-Coulter LS230
Magnetic susceptibility system, Bartington MS2B, MS2C (45, 72 et 90 mm), MS2F sensors
Polarizing microscope Leitz + Binocular stereoscopic microscope Leica M205C, système d’imagerie par caméra numérique Leica DFC450C.