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River systems and associated wetlands

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Leaders: L. Lespez (Team 1) and F. Gob (Team 2)

This transversal axis has the objective to bring together researchers from teams 1 and 2 working on hydrosystems from the Quaternary to the present. It aims to develop transversal discussions on the functioning of the hydrosystems trough time and on the management practices and their changes: ecological restoration, restoration of hydrosedimentary continuity, etc...

The focus on management issues aims to meet managers’ expectations regarding the future of rivers and wetland in different regulatory and bioclimatic contexts: small rivers in the Paris basin, energetic mountain streams, wetlands and large river systems in French, European, Tropical and Boreal areas.

The transversal axis is organized around invited lectures (eg. M. Doyle, Duke University, USA), workshop on specific subject (eg. Sinuous and meandering rivers, forms, process and time) and applied issues. The activity of the workshop are dedicated to the lab member and are open to other specialists and wetand and river managers.