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VOLCANOGRAPHY: Geography of volcanic resources and risks

Coordination: Anne-Kyria Robin (Team 1) and Kim Boillot-Airaksinen (Team 2)

This transversal axis aims to bring together researchers from teams 1 and 2 working on volcanoes, from the Plio-Quaternary to the present.

The objective of this axis is to focus on the origin, use and diffusion of volcanic products (obsidian, pumice, sand ...) used by past and present societies; it also aims to understand the conditions of human settlements of volcanic areas, i.e., people’s distribution, vulnerabilities, capacities, and resilience.

Based on multidisciplinary collaborations and field managers, this axis aims to contribute to the improvement of relations between societies and volcanoes.

The transversal axis is organized around the alternation of internal seminars open to students, managers and other specialists.