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The objective of applied geophysics at the LGP is to investigate relatively small-scale and shallow features of the subsurface. The laboratory is well equipped with a wide range of field equipment for the analysis of soils, sediments, rivers, and topography.

Geophysics instrumentation

  • Sediment imaging instrument - Stratabox
  • Resistivity meter - Abem Terrameter LS
    Resistivity meter
  • - Ground Penetrating Radar - Mala Geoscience
    Ground Penetrating Radar

Photogrammetry Structure from Motion

  • Time-lapse cameras
  • UAV – Dji Mavic Pro
  • Photogrammetry processing software : Pix4d, Agisoft Photoscan, MicMac, Cloudcompare

River instrumentation

  • ADCP – Sontek M9
    Doppler ADCP Sontek M9
  • Water Flow Meter – OTT Mf Pro
  • Water level sensors – Diver
  • Wireless ultrasonic level sensor – Ijinus
  • Meteo Station
  • Pit-Tag
  • Boat, canoe

Coring equipment

  • Hand augers
  • Core drill – Cobra TT
  • Well drilling machine
    well drilling machine

Surveying equipment

  • RTK-GPS systems – Ashtek Promark 800
  • Levelling equipment – Trimble S6
  • Trimble geoexplorer GPS
    trimble S6

Handheld GPS’s