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Research Ethics and Integrity

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The main French research institutions and universities signed the French National Charter for Research Integrity the January 2015 25th. This charter sets a comprehensive national framework for good research conduct and its governance.
This Charter is well aligned with the main international texts in this field: the European Charter for Researchers (2005); the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity (2010); the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (ESF-ALLEA, 2011). The Charter falls within the reference framework put forward in the European research and innovation program, HORIZON 2020.
Our laboratory embeds the principles found within the Charter into all of its research activities and is committed to maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards. All researchers should always respect the principles of integrity expressed in the Charter, in the context of those research project in which they are involved.
To support researchers from French laboratories, the CNRS published a practical guide which details what the researchers need to know about good practices:

  • compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements,
  • responsibilities in collective research work,
  • reliability of research work,
  • scientific publication and communication
  • intellectual property rights,
  • evaluation and expertise,
  • preventing scientific fraud,
  • researchers responsibility towards society.

To know more about the French ethic policy and the CNRS Ethics committee (COMETS) in french
To download a copy of the French National Charter for Research Integrity
To download a copy of the Integrity and responsibility in research practices – a guide