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Le nouveau livre de Catherine KUZUCUOGLU

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Le nouveau livre de Catherine KUZUCUOGLU

Landscapes and Landforms of Turkey (World Geomorphological Landscapes) Hardcover – 3 Feb 2019 by Catherine Kuzucuoğlu (Editor), Attila Çiner (Editor), Nizamettin Kazancı (Editor)


"This book on Turkish geomorphology offers location descriptions, based on their dynamics and evolution processes, including hydrology, tectonics, volcanism, slopes, coasts, ice/snow, and wind. It presents landforms as a result of evolution (Quaternary, Holocene, historic) and in relation to the elements determining and/or impacting this evolution (vegetation, soil, hydrology, geology, climate, sea level and human action) as well as the resulting landscapes. Richly illustrated with pictures from each site, including geomorphological maps and sections, it explains the risks associated with the geomorphological dynamics (on local and global scales), natural and/or cultural heritage (archaeology, prehistory, history, architectural specifications adapted to the landscape), as well as challenges for human society (endangered landscape, protection/conservation rules/statutes, posters/paintings.). "